DIY WiOcean Bridge

We’re pleased to announce that we have put our WiOcean Bridge firmware on the market and it is ready for use! This firmware is especially useful to integrators or home enthusiasts alike: it bridges EnOcean sensors with WiFi to allow remote management and data retrieval. We’ve made it very easy to download and use the firmware. The entire solution is composed of:

DIY device assembly + WiOcean firmware + Free Android App + VizLore Cloud Services

In the video below we take you through the utility of such a solution and outline the steps to build your DIY WiOcean Bridge.


Automated Buildings Article

VizLore is featured in the automated buildings magazine this month! The article features a Q&A session with VizLore’s founder Dragan Boscovic. Get his insight into the emerging world of IoT and how it applies to smart buildings of the future.

“Democratizing the IoT process is necessary to allow IoT to function at its full potential. If you have a bunch of cool tech solutions throughout your building but they have no way of communicating with each other, how are you going to use them to create an impact for your tenants or for your building management team?”

VizLore aims to put the power in the hands of the building operators so that they have an additional tool to monetize their biggest asset. Today, data is akin to a raw material that needs to be tapped into.