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Built upon the Hyperledger Fabric framework, ChainRider offers six distinct services that make building blockchain applications fast and simple.


Blockchain Network Generator:

ChainRider’s Blockchain Network Generator service makes setting up a permissioned Hyperledger Fabric blockchain easier than ever before. Along with network configuration in a matter of minutes, the service supports networks with multiple organizations and channels allowing for innovative business models and use cases. The service supports scalable and custom made topologies of the network that include an unlimited number of organizations, channels, physical machines, and peers, in order to build the network tailored to any business use case.


Smart Contract Generator:

Build unique smart contracts for blockchain networks with a simple to use editing tool. The Smart Contract Generator service allows for the creation of Hyperledger Fabric smart contract to be built and deployed in less than a minute. All smart contracts are available in Node.js. Once the smart contract is deployed on a blockchain network it can immediately write to its data ledger.


Smart Contract Marketplace:

ChainRider provides a marketplace of advanced Smart Contracts that will add sophisticated features to any blockchain network. Add advanced features to any network by purchasing smart contracts from ChainRider’s marketplace.


Rest API:

ChainRider service provides an optional REST API module for any machine which is part of the blockchain network. The REST API is provided in a form of node.js application which provides APIs for interacting with the deployed blockchain network. Each organization can run multiple instances of the REST API, thus providing distributed API infrastructure. Use REST APIs for installing smart contracts, instantiating smart contracts, submitting transactions to the blockchain, querying blockchains, registering users, and much more.


Integration of Private and Public Blockchains:

Integration of Private and public blockchains via Smart contracts on private blockchain (e.g. maintaining a BTC/DASH wallet on a private network and transacting with other entities either on the private or BTC/Dash networks). Enable interoperability in your blockchain network by using hyperledger fabric smart contracts to interact with other private and public blockchains. Integration a private blockchain network to ChainRiders Dash, Bitcoin, and Finance API’s.


Blockchain Explorer:

Gain insight into the analytics of your private blockchain network by utilizing ChainRiders Blockchain Explorer interface. The Blockchain Explorer provides an overview of the state of a network by providing information on peers, blocks, smart contracts, and transactions. Visualize the state of your network using the Blockchain Explorer’s easy to use web interface and data analytic tools.


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