Build it yourself IoT infrastructure

We’ve done it again! A new DIY iBeacon Gateway is on the market – we’ve named it Wi-Blue because it acts as a bluetooth beacon that detects presence, proximity and pushes notifications to devices. It can be used in commercial applications to detect conference room usage or analyze spatial distributions of assets. The findings can help cut costs and save on energy usage. But you can also use it in your home to trigger alerts when certain events occur and other home automation purposes. We’ve made it easy for you to use by breaking it down step by step in our DIY manual – buy the components and assemble the hardware yourself – then download the firmware from our web store and you will be given access to a management portal where you can activate the gateway and access your data! Watch the video below for more use cases on how to use your Wi-Blue Gateway. Build your own custom IoT infrastructure by pairing our Wi-Blue and Wi-Ocean Gateways together.

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