Point and shoot – at your steak!

Scandals in the food industry have been at the forefront of the news in the past few years with horse meat being sold as beef,  salmonella outbreaks, and virgin olive oil being diluted  with less expensive oils.

Until now, there has been no way to detect these unsafe and fraudulent practices. With the PhasmaFOOD and foodSmartphone projects in full swing, a handheld device such as a smartphone could become a likely tool to detect the chemical compounds within the foods that consumers and corporations are buying.

The whole idea of PhasmaFOOD is to combine different light sensors into an integrated scanner system and build a consumer app around it to make a new generation of light food scanner. VizLore is part of a consortium of partners charged with undertaking this exciting project. VizLore’s cognitive networking lab builds the front and back end solutions for the interactive data management systems needed to support the project.

Read more about the PhasmaFOOD project here.

VizLore works on smarter Food Safety

VizLore is participating in the PhasmaFood project : an EU-funded H2020 project that represents a strong consortium of nine leading food security, sensing technologies and information technology stakeholders in Europe.

PhasmaFOOD is working on the development, demonstration and exploitation of a miniaturized smart integrated system that will be able to detect food hazards, spoilage and food fraud through heterogeneous micro-scale photonics. The connected device will be integrated with a parameterized, knowledge-based, software architecture for on-the-spot food quality sensing and shelf-life prediction.

VizLore Labs will lead Software development and data Management activities of the PhasmaFOOD project.

Huawei features VizLore platform

Huawei Technologies, a leader in information and communications technology (ICT), featured VizLore’s Soft Sensor Platform in its online journal, to promote education about platforms and their capabilities, in the IoT era.


How to orchestrate a symphony of data: Fast data and Data at Rest

An interesting shift is occurring within the Internet of Things: instead of everything being sent to the cloud, the power to compute data is now done at the local level of the device instead. This is extremely valuable because it allows the device to make fast, mission-critical decisions at the local level instantly. While the cloud is better used to store past data and analyze it while it is at rest, to decipher patterns and predict trends.

Here are a few examples of Fast Data at the edge:

An advertising billboard that lets a passer by engage with it through their phone: be it playing a game or getting more information about a product. The billboard needs to be equipped with intelligence that will let it respond in real time to the actions dictated by the viewer’s phone. This is where fast data is critical. It stores the requisite amount of information on a gateway at the local level of the billboard so that it can react as needed, and then sends the data collected to the cloud after the action is complete.

A door to a building that lets you use your phone as a virtual key to enter. The door needs to be equipped with the intelligence to recognize the phone has the requisite security access for the building, and to unlock the door when told. In order to do this quickly the logic needs to sit locally at the level of the door, so that the phones can be recognized instantly and access logs created in real-time. Then, it can gather and send information to the cloud where the access levels and other instructions sit.

Cool huh? Not only does edge device processing make the solution more responsive but it also makes it more secure and fail-proof in case there is a loss of internet connectivity.

If you’d like to learn more about VizLore’s two solutions mentioned above please visit:

Smart billboard logic: https://www.vizlore.com/wi-blue-gateway/

Virtual key: https://www.vizlore.com/Products/#smartaccess

We are a Google Technology Partner!

We have been officially recognized as a Google Technology Partner because of our work with the Google Cloud Platform & Google Compute Engine. VizLore offers a full stack cloud IoT platform service infused with software sensor controls along with custom web and mobile apps. Learn more about our smart cloud platform in this video:


Workspaces: a new frontier

Shared workspaces are all the rage these days. But how about work-live-play spaces? The shared economy is moving towards a new frontier by merging the traditional functions of the workspace, living space and entertainment space, into one nebulous sphere where the boundaries of each are liquid and ever-changing.

MediaX at Stanford University has been researching the subject heavily. Their studies aim to understand how to measure and increase the productivity and well-being of knowledge workers.

VizLore’s founder, Dr. Dragan Boscovic is featured in the MediaX video below, where he describes buildings as a living organism that have a flow of information that can be tapped into to understand how the building is being used, and how its inhabitants feel. Take a look!